Sometimes a peach or an eggplant just isn't enough...

Spice up your text life with flirtyQWERTY!


flirtyQWERTY was created to help you spice up your text life with images that are playful, sophisticated, and sexy.

Our mission is to share sexy emojis that are fun, titillating, and respectful of all people.


Custom Keyboard

The app comes with a custom keyboard that you can use while you are typing in apps like iMessage, Messenger, and WhatsApp!


Easy Purchases

You can purchase sexier emojis in the app and decide which you want to use in the app and which you’d like access to from the flirtyQWERTY keyboard!

Keep it Private

And if you want to keep your sexy emojis private – you can password protect the app so no one can see them.


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